CEFC is excited to offer its membership class online in a completely electronic format. Presenting the membership class in this format makes it easier to finish the membership class in a pace and setting that works best for you. The class is split into seven separate modules that are to be completed in sequence. Each module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, allowing you to finish them all in one sitting, or do them one at a time.

By taking this course, you will enable yourself to become a candidate for membership at CEFC. Upon completion of all seven modules, CEFC staff will be notified of your completion and you will be provided a copy of the application for membership at CEFC in a PDF format.


  • By taking this membership class, you are not required to become a member at CEFC. However, in order to become a member at CEFC, taking the membership class is required.
  • This class was designed at CEFC for the exclusive purpose of teaching potential members of CEFC.
  • This class is not endorsed by the EFCA or other church entities, but does contain information from the EFCA about church membership.
  • This class is not to be distributed, shared, or edited without written permission from Joshua Schwenk, CEFC Communications Director.
  • Any inquiries regarding the class, its format, or content should be forwarded to media@conoverefc.com.

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