Enjoy the weather and summer scenery with CEFC’s Summer Biking & Walking! Tuesday evenings meet at 6:30pm, Monday (1:00pm) holiday rides after the crowds and your guests head home, and Saturday rides meet at 1:00pm.

In case of rain or likely rain, trip will be canceled, ride at your own choosing. Mileage flexible on all trips – you can ride more or less. Helmets required for all bikers under 18 and are highly recommended for all, money for ice cream treats after each outing is optional and highly encouraged!

Friends are welcome – bring yours! Contact Lon Fisk ( or Carmen Olejnik ( with questions. Ride all the trips and earn over 35 hours of fellowship and 300 miles toward better fitness – offset by gobs of ice cream!

2017 Schedule

Please click here to view the schedule.